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Brief review

If you’ve always wanted to create fonts, but aren’t well-versed in technical font details, Scanahand is the program for you. This tool was built for those who don’t work within the technical world, and, as such, it’s very easy to use. Scanahand comes with a simple interface, easy to follow commands, and a very helpful introduction guide.


To use Scanahand, users simply have to draw or sketch a font on a piece of paper and then scan that font using the Scanahand program. The end result is a completed computer font. It is also possible to use this tool with other design program that you might already own. This system is very easy to use and Scanahand is a lot of fun.

Main Function

The main purpose of Scanahand is to make font creation easy and possible for everyone. If you happen to work with graphic arts, own a company that needs a new logo, or just want to create a very cool electronic signature, Scanahand is a great program to use. Fonts come out uniform in most cases and you can use this program with any other graphics software that you currently have (if desired).

Extra Features

The developers behind Scanahand wanted to keep this program as simple as possible, which is why Scanahand is devoid of anything additional that would clutter the tool’s interface.


The free version of Scanahand does not let you save your work, so keep this in mind. The paid version retails for around $59.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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